Dansk ambulanceuddannelse og job i Sverige

Här diskuteras allt som rör utbildning för att arbeta inom den prehospitala akutsjukvåden

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Dansk ambulanceuddannelse og job i Sverige

Inlägg av rasmus » 30/8 2010 19:55

Hej alle

Im Danish but to avoid any misunderstandings I choose to post in english. This is my first post on this forum.

Im employed by Falck in Denmark and a few months ago I I qualified as "ambulanceassistent" (ambulance technician) I have close to 6 months left of my contract and is the unemployed. Due to changes in the structure of the ambulances Im without a job in 6 months. Therefore I wish to seek employment in Sweden.

The danish training is approx. 2 years and includes both theoretical and practial training. The practical includes both ambulance and hospital training. The training also includes drivers training (blue lights and siren) The only "drug" we are allowed to administer is alnotox/entonox.

In addition to this training Im a PHTLS and ITLS provider. Have completed the english ambulance technician training (both theori and practical) and have a BTEC leve 3 in ambulance aid.

I have attented the first year of nursing school including the 10 week practical basic care module

What are my options with my training. Can I work on ambulances in Sweden??

Where do I apply to get my Danish (and other) training approved in Sweden?

As I live in Copenhagen with my family I can only work within a fair distance from the city (1½ hour drive or so) Who operates ambulances in those areas?

Will I have to attend any additional training in Sweden?

Any tips or advice is welcome

Of course I will do some laungauge classes prior to working in Sweden:-)