What kind of medicin do you use in Sweden?

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What kind of medicin do you use in Sweden?

Inlägg av joel » 3/11 2009 13:12


We are to students from Denmark who is writing an essay about pain. We would like to know what kind of medicin you use to patients with pain in the ambulances in Sweden. And what kind of education do you need to use the medicin?

Can you please help us :)

Kind regards

Joel and Charlotte

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Re: What kind of medicin do you use in Sweden?

Inlägg av Rookie. » 3/11 2009 16:27


I depends a bit where in sweden you are working, there are some local differences but in my area we have morphine, fentanyl (leptanal), toradole (NSAID) and Ketalar (ketamine). All given i.v.

In combination with ketalar we use midazolam or diazepam.

You minimum have to be a registered nurse (3 years), most are specialist in prehospital care (1 more year.) To give fentanyl you have to be an anaesthesia nurse.

Sorry for my bad english.

/rookie. 8)

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Re: What kind of medicin do you use in Sweden?

Inlägg av Gosta » 3/11 2009 23:33

Hi Joel and Charlotte,
It's kind of sad that we are writing in English, isn't it?

I don't work in Sweden, and hence won't attempt to answer your question. I would however like to ask for a slight clarification, so I can better follow the discussion.

Are you interested in the medicine used, or in the medications used to treat patients in pain? Medicine of course being the whole concept applied, and which will be used as a means to address the issue of pain, both indirectly and directly. Medications are naturally a part thereof. Some might of course argue that medicine is not practiced, but care is given. With this argument, I do not concur.
I don't mean to nit pick, it's just that I was not quite clear on what your question was. It appears as though Rookie interpreted it to mean medication.

Cheers and all the best with your studies.
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Re: What kind of medicin do you use in Sweden?

Inlägg av Novisen » 4/11 2009 9:04

Vi har Morphine, Ketobemidon, Ketamine, Entonox, Paracetamol och Diklofenak.
Specialist anestesi och ambulans

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